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A View from Chapel Point

A View from Chapel Point

A View from Chapel Point

skegness obsev

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North Sea Observatory, Chapel St Leonards


This joint piece reflects on the landscape through time, considering the ancient & recent past, the present and the future.  




Written by ...
Writers at North Sea Observatory

This original piece was written collaboratively by participants of our Audio Tales writing workshops, which were led by Sonya Hundal and hosted at the stunning North Sea Observatory.


Geri Clarke 

Exacademic – economist and behaviourist. Now, basketmaker, librarian and archivist.  

Tree planter, willow grower, gardener and optimist. 


Peter Conner  

Was born by the Irish Sea and grew up by the North Sea on the east coast of Lincolnshire. His first job was as a potter, then he became a photographer, turned to video production and finally trained as a counsellor: in retrospect, careers that all involved transformation and alchemy of some kind.


He has now retired from the real world and concentrates on growing veg, bereavement counselling, writing songs, composing music and writing about himself in the third person. It’s safer that way he said. 


Jane Kay 

I am Lincolnshire born and bred. I departed and I returned. I am a mother, educator, learner, artist, free spirit and lover of nature. I can and I will. 


Karina Oakes 



Andy Reynolds, 

Individualist, forester, author, you tube creator, carpenter, repairist, and promoter of selfreliant and low impact living. 


Sue Wilson 

I write as therapy; to get my thoughts in order. I love to write about nature, history, science and the cosmos; the big questions and the small details of life. I moved to Lincolnshire  to be near the sea, for the huge sky and flat landscape. 

Performed by ...

Voice Actor – Karen Hunter

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