Audio Tales


The Writers who carefully pieced together fiendish folklore, nostalgic narrative and pandemic prose to create our original Tales ...

Aisha Bushby

Aisha Bushby was born in Bahrain and has lived in Kuwait, England and Canada. Now she mostly lives in the worlds of her children’s books.

Aryana Ramkhalawon

Aryana and Vicky are co-writer/ actors.

They tell the stories of ambitious young people from rural areas through a multicultural lens.

Astrid Natley

Born into an adventurous Dutch-English family, Astrid’s experiences exploring and travelling are often reflected in her writing.

Benjamin Peel

Benjamin currently works at Skegness Library and is a member of Skegness Coasters Running Club both of which help fuel his writing.

Callum McGuigan

Callum McGuigan is currently working towards a master’s degree in Creative Writing at Oxford University, and teaches English Literature to support this.

Chrissie Hall

Chrissie returned to education when she was 40, loved it, graduated with a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Derby, and she’s never looked back!

Dan Shaw

Dan is a proudly working class neurodivergent queer film maker, performer and multi-media artist with a particular interest in untold queer, working class stories, and forgotten histories. 

Darren Neave

Darren is an artist residing on the edge of rural Lincolnshire. This liminality provides him with a different take on the relationship between his immediate habitat and the earthy surroundings beyond.


Skateboard riding, coffee drinking, rock n’ roll listening photo maker.

Emily Abdeni-Holman

Emily is a British-Lebanese writer with a strong interest in relationship to place and in how our imaginations are made up of geographical and physical landscapes/landmarks.

Gill Blow

Gill lives in Lincolnshire and spent most of her professional career working in partnership with young families and local authorities in community development work and adult learning.

Jimmy Osborne

Jimmy Osborne is a playwright and screenwriter living in Lincolnshire, with numerous writing credits for the stage.

Jonathan Byrne

Jonathan Byrne is a PR and Communications professional, who has worked in the industry since 2002. He has a varied writing background that includes stints in press offices, writing for music publications and sports media.

Kei Bailey

Kei studied Theatre, Film and English Literature at university in York, graduating in 1999 and has been writing theatre, radio and film scripts ever since.

Laura Turner

Laura is a playwright and screenwriter from Lincolnshire with 10 years’ experience, passionate about exploring emotion-driven narratives that ask questions about who we are today, often through the lens of the past.

Letitia Cookson

Letitia’s background is in conservation, but her heart is in finding ways for people to connect with nature.

Rosanna McGlone

Rosanna is a writer and consultant who can be commissioned to work with community, heritage and arts organisations as the lead writer and to provide advice on longer creative projects.

Ruth Charnock

I am a trained storyworker, teacher and writer with over 15 years’ experience working in academic and public settings.

I mostly write about motherhood, sex, ritual, bad feelings, music, feminism, academia and literature.

Sara Beasley

Sara’s first taste of writing was whilst studying for a Drama degree at the University of Lincoln as a mature student, where she graduated in 2006 with a 1st class (Hons) degree. 

Scott Brummitt

Scott Brummitt is from Grimsby.


His writing has been published in the University of Sheffield’s Route 57 and broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade is a writer and historian with a special interest in the social history of crime in Lincolnshire.

He is a poet, novelist and joint author of a series of crime writing guides.

Tanya Akrofi

Tanya Akrofi is a writer and oral storyteller with a passion for folklore and fairytales.

As a workshop facilitator for adults and children, she is on a mission to reconnect us all with the healing power of oral traditions.


Vicky Wild

Aryana and Vicky are co-writer/ actors.

They tell the stories of ambitious young people from rural areas through a multicultural lens.