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Ethel Rudkin: Preserving the Past

Ethel Rudkin: Preserving the Past

Ethel Rudkin: Preserving the Past

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All Saints Church, Toynton All Saints


Ethel Rudkin: Preserving the Past imagines a fictional encounter taking place at Ethel Rudkin’s house in Toynton All Saints in 1974.


Rudkin, a Lincolnshire folklore collector plays host to a student, Harsha, a young Ugandan Asian woman who has, under Idi Amin’s regime, been forced with her family to leave.


The two women debate what, how and where culture, objects and folklore should be preserved for posterity. 


Written by ...
Benjamin Peel

Benjamin currently works at Skegness Library and is a member of Skegness Coasters Running Club both of which help fuel his writing.

His play Not a Game for Girls has received four productions and is published. From September it will be a text that GCSE students using a particular exam board can choose to be assessed on in either performance or design.

His passion for theatre and drama stems from seeing lots of plays as he grew up. Quite a few of his plays are based on historical events and people as he likes finding stories that are not so well known and fashioning dramas out of them.

He loves audio dramas as the writer can go to any place in time and space with them without worrying about budget and each individual listener conjures up their own visualisation of the piece using their imagination.  

Benjamin Peel has had four productions of his published play Not a Game for Girls performed. 


The Long Player featured in Ragged Foil’s second podcast season with The Fastest Ever Singer appearing in the same company’s lock down Isolation Sessions. 


Four audio dramas were commissioned by the online SOfa Fest in 2020 and produced by Breakwater Theatre Company. 

He wrote the screenplays for the short films The Runner and Silence in the Library both of which were selected for the Fear in the Fens Festivals of 2018 and 2020 respectively. 


His play Singin’ for Engerland was performed live via Zoom in May 2020 during lock down and presented by Up ‘Ere Productions. 


In February 2021 a series of audio dramas under the umbrella title The March of the Women featured in the Hastings Virtual Fringe Festival. 


Three audio dramas feature on Wireless Theatre Company’s website which has produced original content for Audible. 


Two of his audio dramas have been selected for the 2022 UK International Audio Drama Festival. 

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Performed by ...

Voice Actor – Aryana Ramkhalawon

Voice Actor – Sara Beasley

Musician – Charlotte Hubbard