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Going East

Going East

Going East

Chrissie Hall - golden sands mablethorpe

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Golden Sands, Mablethorpe


This tale is a nostalgic blend of memoir and imagination, inspired by generations of my family and their quintessentially British seaside caravan holidays on the East coast. 


It’s also about a special caravan, lovingly hand-built by great granddad in the 1950s. 


Some seventy years later, during those dark and difficult “you must stay at home” days of the pandemic, we did stay at home; and that neglected old van became our practical life-affirming lockdown project and became a lovingly restored unique family heirloom vintage caravan.  



Written by ...
Chrissie Hall

Chrissie returned to education when she was 40, loved it, graduated with a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Derby, and she’s never looked back! 


She’s been on the scriptwriting team for BBC1 ‘Doctors’, a writer with the BBC’s Comedy Unit’s first on-line team written sitcom ‘Cleaners’, and a member of the Research Project team ‘And the Doctor said…’ at the Universities of Keele and Staffordshire. 


She now works on creative project commissions, delivers courses, workshops, and writing retreats, and offers interactive talks and ‘one to one’ support for life writers. 


She lives with husband Martin, two happy hens, one cute dog and a family heirloom vintage caravan.  

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Voice Actor – Karen Hunter

Voice Actor – Stephen Holloway

Voice Actor – Laura Turner

Voice Actor – Chrissie Hall

Voice Actor – Connor Bannister

Voice Actor – Amelia Barratt