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Ostler’s Plantation

Ostler’s Plantation

OStler's Plantation

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Ostler's Plantation, Woodhall Spa


In 2020, I became a mother in a world-wide pandemic.


This piece of creative nonfiction is an ode to Ostler’s Plantation in Woodhall Spa, a pocket of woodland that brought me solace during that extraordinary year.





Written by ...
Astrid Natley

Born into an adventurous Dutch-English family, my experiences exploring and travelling are often reflected in my writing. However, there are few things I enjoy writing about more than the simple and evocative natural spaces that surround me in the English countryside.

I currently live near Lincoln with two chickens, two cats, my son and my partner, and I appreciate using my passion for language and literature in my work as a secondary school English teacher.

Performed by ...

Voice Actor – Astrid Natley

Musician – Charlotte Hubbard