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Skegness & Skateboarding. It’s not quite Dogtown.

Skegness & Skateboarding. It’s not quite Dogtown.

Skegness and Skateboarding. It's not quite Dogtown.

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Skegness & Skateboarding is a story about friends, about hope and about growing up.


The work explores how young people with passion can overcome the odds to create what everyone told them was impossible.


Like many youth cultures, skateboarding was defined in the eyes of the public by its anarchic stereotypes. By pushing past these stereotypes, a group of skate rats who would have never been picked to succeed in anything, created the first purpose built indoor/outdoor skatepark in the UK.


This is their story.  



Written by ...

Skateboard riding, coffee drinking, rock n’ roll listening photo maker.

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Voice Actor – Ding