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Take the Waters

Take the Waters

Take the Waters

woodhall kinema

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Woodhall Spa


‘Take the Waters’ is part poetry, part guided meditation.


It was designed as an opportunity to give the fascinating history of Woodhall Spa a personal and emotional connection to the listener, joining past and present. 





Written by ...
Dan Shaw

Dan is a proudly working class neurodivergent queer film maker, performer and multi-media artist with a particular interest in untold queer, working class stories, and forgotten histories. 


He’s lived in Lincolnshire his entire adult life, and relishes any chance to work outside the London bubble. 


Over the years he’s collaborated with English Heritage, the National Trust, the Old Vic, the National Theatre, and BBC Radio amongst others. His most recent projects include a site-specific C13th play in Middle English, an art-driven recycling campaign, and a queer council house western short film.


He focuses on untold stories, contemporary and period, reclaiming and rebuilding the history and presence of queer and working class communities that for centuries have been wilfully suppressed and eroded. His goal is to offer up tales that give queer, and working class folk a glimpse of what they come from, and where they could go. 

Performed by ...

Voice Actor – Dan Shaw

Voice Actor – Emily Abdeni-Holman