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The Spirit of Snipe Dales

The Spirit of Snipe Dales

The Spirit of Snipe Dales

snipe dales

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Snipe Dales Country Park


I love Snipe Dales Country Park and it is somewhere that I often return to. 


There is so much to see there if we look closely, and it makes me wonder about the things, and the people, that we don’t see.  


WARNING: Please be aware, the contents and characters featured within this original audio piece may frighten some audiences. This Audio Tale is a work of fiction, celebrating the writer’s unique interpretation of the place.  




Written by ...
Jimmy Osborne

Jimmy Osborne is a playwright and screenwriter living in Lincolnshire. 
His numerous writing credits include ‘Zoe’s Peculiar Journey Through Time’, about trying to make the world a better place, which is currently staged by Burgtheater, Vienna and Theatre-Rites throughout 2022; ‘An Empty Seat’, about cowardice and forgiveness, which was staged at The Stephen Joseph Theatre and ‘The Cement Garden’, his critically acclaimed co-adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel, which headlined the Vault Festival in 2014. 
Jimmy’s plays have also been performed at Theatre503, Southwark Theatre and The Curve and his play ‘Maisie Says She Loves Me’ won the Outstanding New Work Award at the London Vault Festival in 2017. 
He was selected for the BBC Drama Room Writer Development Scheme and has previously taken part in ‘4Screenwriting’, a writers development initiative run by Channel 4. 

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Performed by ...

Voice Actor – Jane Crawshaw

Voice Actor – Maria Bates

Voice Actor – Stephen Holloway