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The Woodhall Witch

The Woodhall Witch

The Woodhall Witch

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Combining regional folktales and local history, ‘The Woodhall Witch’ is a poem spoken in dialogue, where fact and fiction merge to create a celebration of this vibrant spa town.  





Written by ...
Tanya Akrofi

Tanya Akrofi is a writer and oral storyteller with a passion for folklore and fairytales.

As a workshop facilitator for adults and children, she is on a mission to reconnect us all with the healing power of oral traditions.

Having recently curated the Brigg Storytelling Festival, which used local folktales and history to tell the story of the famous market town, she is continuing her exploration of Lincolnshire by seeking out songs, local mythology and the true life tales of this magical county.

As a Yellowbelly by marriage, Tanya is proud to call Lincolnshire home. 

Find out more about this Tale Teller at: @ammaflower 


Performed by ...

Voice Actor – Felicity Donnelly

Voice Actor – Maisie Shiplee