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Waves and Winds

Waves and Winds

Waves and Winds


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Sutton-on-Sea Beach


‘Waves and Winds’ is an insight into the atmospheric power of the coast, and the connection this has with East Lindsey’s attractions.


In this short scene, a surfer muses on the landscape of Sutton-on-Sea, while another person watches from one of the town’s beach chalets. 




Written by ...
Callum McGuigan

Callum McGuigan is currently working towards a master’s degree in Creative Writing at Oxford University, and teaches English Literature to support this. 


He grew up in Skegness and spent large portions of his time in and around the sea, enjoying a range of water and land based sports and activities — the appreciation of this was the motivation for this piece. 


His writing often addresses society through satire or dark humour, and his fiction and journalistic work can be found in a range of publications.  

Performed by ...

Voice Actor – Dan Shaw

Voice Actor – Connor Bannister